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When to Replace Windows

When it’s winter in the Twin Cities, you can start to notice every little draft in your home. And it’s not just uncomfortable; It can also leave you stuck with outsized heating bills each month. Fortunately, if those drafts are near your windows, the problem is easy to fix with window replacement services from Powers Premier Contracting. We’re breaking down some of the top signs your home could benefit from window replacement in this blog post, as well as explain some of your options for replacement windows. 

How to Fix an Ice Dam

Wintertime in Minnesota can transform the world into something out of a fairytale. Of course, it also comes with plenty of hazards for your health and home. While those icicles hanging from your eaves might look lovely, they could actually be a sign that you’re on the road to a spring roof leak. That’s because icicles usually accompany ice dams, which can be incredibly damaging to your roof and shorten its lifespan.

Recovering After a Winter Storm

The weather in Minnesota can be unpredictable, but one thing we can predict is that at some point during the winter, there’s a chance we’ll get some pretty intense snow.
As winter weather bears down on your home, it can expose every vulnerability in your roof, siding, and windows. At Powers Premier Contracting, our storm damage restoration contractors can restore your home and erase the damage done by wild winter weather.