7 Benefits of Residential Window Replacements

7 Benefits of Residential Window Replacements

Better natural lighting, lower utility bills, home security upgrades; do any of these exterior remodeling results sound intriguing to you? Nothing improves your home’s appearance, performance, and aesthetics than hiring a local replacement window contractor to provide your house with a more refined, refreshed look!

Tired-looking windows are not only disappointing when it comes to the look and feel of your home; they’re actually quite a hassle when it comes to exterior maintenance issues, such as insulation or noise reduction. While investing in new replacement windows may sound like quite the expenditure, the return on investment becomes apparent when you start to consider all the housing advantages you’ll inherit.

So what truly makes installing new windows a worthwhile venture? Check out these five benefits of residential window replacements to preserve your home’s look and feel for many years to come.

1) Increase Your Home Value

When it comes to home improvement projects, window replacements do absolute wonders for increasing your overall home value and boosting curb appeal. New replacement windows can return homeowners significant ROI of the replacement window installation cost upon resale, for starters. Giving your home an upgraded look will significantly impact the appraised value of the house, and nothing says “upgrade” like beautiful, brand new windows!

2) Boost Your Energy-Efficiency

“Energy-efficiency” is a term that’s often thrown around regarding exterior remodeling, but most homeowners truly don’t understand how beneficial having a more energy-efficient home can be. Replacement windows will work to improve your house's heat transfer and insulation, meaning your air conditioning and temperature control will be more precise. In addition to keeping your home as comfortable as possible, professionally installed replacement windows will work toward lowering your overall energy or utility bills, because of the improved insulation.

3) Eliminate Dust and Allergens

Old and dated windows are often the equivalent of a welcome mat for dust and allergen particles infiltrating your home. For homeowners living with allergies, replacement windows can prove to be quite the improvement when it comes to alleviating various allergy-prone symptoms. With new window technologies such as between-the-glass shades or blinds, the separation of various panes of glass within a window frame will help block out more dust, reducing the amount of indoor allergens entering your home.

4) Protect Your Belongings

You’ll be able to protect your belongings and extend the life of your home’s interior decor when you install replacement windows. When you move your sofa, the last thing you want to see is a neat little tracing of your couch on the floor due to solar bleaching.

Unfortunately, the sun’s intense UV rays can bleach all of your home's furnishings and interior decorations if you don’t have UV-protective windows. Not only can the sun damage your furniture and flooring by causing it to fade and discolor, but it can also cause some materials to deteriorate over time. With protective glass, you’ll extend the lifespan of your home furnishings and decor.

5) Reduced Exterior Maintenance

One benefit replacement windows have to offer that all homeowners can agree upon is the lack of maintenance and upkeep required to maintain their enchanting look. Made from top-quality materials built to last, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about constantly taking the hose out of the garage, busting out the sponge or squeegees, or hand-drying them off to preserve their pristine condition.

The less time you’ll have to devote to cleaning your windows, the more time you’ll free up to preserve the upkeep of the rest of your home’s exterior features.

6) Enjoy Peace and Quiet

When your windows are too thin, you can hear every little sound from the street. If you live in a busy area of town, it can even be hard to get a decent night’s rest. With newer, high-performance windows, you can enjoy letting the chaos outside stay outside while you relax in your home!

7) Improved Comfort and Livability

The most underrated benefit to new windows? Peace of mind! No more cold drafts, no more stuffy atmosphere, no more lack of light; replacement windows will illuminate your living environment in more ways than one. To maximize the comfort and livability of your home, replacement windows are a surefire way to improve your coziness!

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