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Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Attic Insulation

Reasons to Consider Upgrading Your Attic Insulation

You may not think about your attic often, but it actually plays a key role in maintaining your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. Your attic’s insulation is the key component that keeps temperatures consistent in your home. However, over time, your attic’s insulation becomes worn down and deteriorated, which causes your HVAC system to work harder to stay ahead of air leaks.

Because of its high importance, there are several reasons why you should consider upgrading your attic’s insulation. Here are a few benefits of scheduling a professional attic insulation replacement.

Cut Down on Energy Costs

When the attic insulation is worn down, it isn’t able to properly prevent air leaks throughout your home.

When your HVAC system has to work harder to maintain the interior temperature, your monthly energy bills will skyrocket.

New insulation will be better able to prevent air leaks and cut down on costly bills every month, making it a noteworthy return on your investment.

Enhance Safety & Foundation Security

Poor insulation isn’t able to maintain the moisture levels throughout your home, putting your home’s walls, ceilings, and flooring at risk of deterioration and erosion. Trapped moisture can also result in mold growth, which is highly dangerous to your health and safety.

Proper insulation also maintains your home’s air quality, as it keeps out pollutants and irritants commonly found in the air.

When your attic’s insulation is worn down, it not only puts you and your family at risk of ingesting these pollutants, but it also puts your furniture and belongings at risk of premature deterioration as a result of poor air quality.

If you want to keep your home and family safe, schedule an insulation upgrade service as soon as possible.

Establish Additional Space in Your Home

When your attic is poorly insulated, it can create an environment that is too cold or warm to keep valuable belongings such as furniture and heirlooms.

Additionally, poor insulation can’t effectively keep pests out of your home, putting your belongings at risk of infestation and damage.

By installing new insulation, you’ll be able to keep your stored items in better condition throughout the years. Don’t waste the valuable space in your attic — install new insulation and create additional storage space for your family.

Minimize City Noise

Quality grade insulation helps reduce the noise caused by noisy neighborhood streets, and  therefore, provides more peace and quiet inside your home, especially when you’re trying to sleep.

It also provides a sound buffer in between rooms. Insulation encloses the source of the sound forming a barrier which absorbs the vibrations.

If you want soundproofing, fiberglass and spray foam insulation are your best choices.

Choosing Insulation Types

Home products keep updating and are becoming more innovative. That being said, there are popular insulation products and not so popular.

You should carefully weigh in on the benefits of each and consider the R-value, which is the measurement of resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better.  The recommendations by Energy Star show the recommended R-value for Minnesota homes.

Let’s take a look at the top three most popular insulation types for homes.

Batts and Rolls

This is the home industry’s usual go-to due to its lower costs, so it’s considered one of the standard insulation forms for walls.

This product is made with fiberglass, but there are some out there made from mineral wool or sheep’s wool.

Blanket batts are the least expensive materials and somewhat easy to install provided you wear protective clothing and protective eye covering.The widths are pre-cut to fit into the standard width between wall studs and attic rafters.

Expect R-values between R-3.7 and R-4.3 per inch of thickness — not exactly ideal for midwest climates, nor are they good for attic spaces.

Spray Foam

For Minnesota homes, spray foam’s worthiness is second to none in sealing leaks and gaps inside existing walls, hard to reach areas, or to add to existing finished areas.

Most building contractors will admit that this is the highest standard you can buy and has the best attic insulation performance available, among additional benefits, like being resistant to water, mold, and insects.  

Liquid polyurethane is sprayed into the cavity of the wall, where it expands and hardens into a solid foam, creating an air-tight barrier.

Spray foam comes in two constructions: open-cell foam or closed-cell foam. Closed-cell foam has one of the highest R-values of any insulation available but can be a little more expensive.

Consider calling a professional to do the job since installation is tricky.

Blow-in Insulations

This type of insulation is applied also using a machine type blower which blows paper-like material into the spaces.

Also made with fiberglass, rock wool, or reclaimed cellulose material, this insulation can fit nearly any type of location.

The R-values are not as high as spray foam insulation, yet it is not as expensive. It’s not that easy to work with for DIYers, so consider calling a professional for this type of installation.

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