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Exterior Paint Colors to Love in 2021

Exterior Paint Colors to Love in 2021

If you’re like us, you’re probably looking forward to a bright new year after some of the challenges of 2020. With a brand new year on the horizon, now is a great time to think about taking on some of those home improvement projects you may have been putting off. After spending more time at home this past year, more homeowners are starting to think about updates to their homes. If you’re looking for a way to add to your home’s curb appeal and value, a paint project is a beautiful way to transform your home’s exterior.

In this post from our exterior painting pros at Powers Premier in Minnetonka, MN, we’ll break down some of the most popular exterior paint colors projected for 2021. Give us a call to connect with an exterior painting contractor and schedule your paint project today!

Exterior Painting Ideas to Love

Every home is different, but there’s a good chance if it’s been more than a decade, your home could use a paint update. Even if your paint is in fairly good condition, home exterior design trends can change over time. Paint and design industry experts have already released their projected design trends for the coming year, and there’s plenty to love. As the world gets ready to embrace a return to brighter days, experts predict design trends that reflect optimism, comfort, and cheery days.

To put together your exterior color palette, choose selections that match your home’s brick, stone, or roofing materials. To add interest and dimension, choose a trim color that contrasts with the main siding color. Use dark colors against a light backdrop, and use lighter hues against a dark backdrop. If you plan to use a second trim or accent color, consider a brighter shade that pops against a more neutral background.

Get Inspired

As you’re looking for exterior paint color inspiration, take a drive around your neighborhood. Look for homes in a similar architectural style to your own. If you’re thinking of listing your home anytime soon, it’s a good idea to stick with something that fits well with the neighborhood.

If you’re interested in painting your home in a modern design, it’s always a good idea to look to home design blogs and magazines. Check out exterior paint company blogs for images of trending paint colors in action.

Creating a Grand Entrance

One of the biggest design trends for 2021 is to add a statement door. This design trend has been going strong for several years, and it doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. Against a neutral backdrop, a contrasting front entry door is a beautiful opportunity to express the personality of the family or homeowner that lives there. A statement door is a simple, cheery way to add optimism and positivity while creating a welcoming entrance. And the beauty of a statement door is that it can easily be changed when trends change.

If you’re unsure about how to approach this trend but love the concept, design experts recommend drawing on a color used inside your home for continuity. Find an accent color inside your home that truly stands out and use a similar shade for your front door. Warm colors in oranges, reds, and yellows will be popular this year, but for a more subtle statement, try a black or jewel-toned statement door.

Expect to see subtle pink as a popular accent choice for front doors as well. Unlike the popular Millennial Pink, this year’s shades will be more neutral. Think soft blush and dusty peach.

Gentle Grays

For several years, deep charcoals have been a popular exterior paint choice. Charcoal isn’t going away anytime soon, although inkier blue-gray hues are starting to dominate the gray paint trend spectrum. But we’re also expecting to see a return to softer gray neutrals. While deeper hues convey elegance and depth, softer tones evoke a sense of hominess and welcome. Perhaps it’s a need for gentler, subtler energy, but design experts are seeing a transition to softer, earth-toned grays for the coming year.

Grays look stunning when paired with white accent trim. For a secondary accent that pops, choose from warm shades like these:

●        Warm gold

●        Burnt orange

●        Mustard


One of the most dramatic exterior paint trends we’ve seen in the past few years showed up in 2020 but will continue to grow in the coming year. Exterior design pros are transforming the beauty of basic white exterior painting designs with a simple addition: Black-framed windows. Framing the exterior and interior side of windows in deep black creates contrast and definition that is somehow modern and comforting at the same time.

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