Dark Home Exterior Colors That Look Amazing

Dark Home Exterior Colors That Look Amazing

As we move solidly into the Roaring ‘20s, several distinguished design trends are beginning to emerge. While earthy, mushroom-tones and greiges dominated the architectural scene in the latter half of the 2010s, more assertive design looks are coming back into prominence. And while the bright farmhouse whites that reigned supreme for the past few years don’t seem to be waning in popularity, the increase in bold, inky hues can’t be ignored.

In this post from our exterior painting contractors at Powers Premier Contracting in Minnesota, we’re breaking down the dark home exterior color trend. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule your design consultation today!

Emergence of the Dark Exterior Home Trend

We’ve all familiar with the little black dress, black-tie affairs, and black limousines. Black is the go-to look when you’re looking for distinction, depth, and impact. Black packs a dramatic punch and demands attention without making a fuss.

The rise of the black house trend in the past few years is something of a response to the safe, homogenized looks that dominated the housing market for decades. In the wake of the pandemic, homeowners are looking at their abodes as an extension of their lives now more than ever. In the quest to live in a space that brings them joy, they’re ditching understated grays, beiges, browns, and eggshells. And much like a perfectly tailored black tuxedo, the result is absolutely stunning.

Although dark home exteriors have gradually risen in popularity over the past few years, their timeless look is nothing new. The look dates back to the stately exteriors seen in 19th-century European architecture. These days, the look is rising to prominence once more for its classic elegance and ability to complement a wide range of home designs.

For the Love of Dark Siding

When it comes to the rich depth of the dark siding look, the appeal goes far beyond simple basic black. The look is somewhat paradoxical in that it makes a bold statement without drawing too much attention to itself. Everyone takes note of a sophisticated charcoal home, but it isn’t loud like a bright pink or yellow home. Just about any siding trim design and color looks spectacular against basic black siding, and a healthy lawn will look positively radiant in contrast to any dark neutral hue.

Don’t presume your home needs to be contemporary to pull off the dark siding look. Changing to dark siding on a traditional home adds a sophisticated edge that stands out. Dark siding is also a simple fix for any architectural features you want to downplay. Adding similarly-toned dark siding and accent colors around problem areas is the architectural equivalent of cosmetic contouring.

There is also a surprisingly wide range of colors in the dark paint spectrum that extend far beyond basic black. Consider these variations:

●        Deep navy

●        Charcoal

●        Slate

●        Iron ore

●        Warm gray-brown

●        Caviar

●        Soft black

●        Steel

Challenges of Dark Siding

If you’re not fully committed to going dark with your siding, consider transforming only your trim, accent colors, shutters, or entry door. One of the most popular home designs right now is to install dark window frames on an otherwise light neutral home. And according to industry experts, homes with dark entrance doors frequently fetch more on the market.

Before hiring exterior painting services, it’s important to know what to expect. Because bolder hues tend to fade over time in the sunlight, dark siding may require more frequent upkeep than lighter hues. However, thanks to advances in siding and fade-resistant exterior painting technology over the past few years, dark siding looks better much longer than it once did.

Another common concern is whether dark siding will impact a home’s energy efficiency since darker colors absorb solar heat. However, if your home has high-performance insulation and fiber cement or vinyl siding, you should experience comparable energy costs to lighter siding homes.

Designing Your Dark Siding

When choosing a trim and siding paint combination, don’t forget to think about the finish. A satin finish will reveal flaws more readily.  These glossy shades tend to look best when broken up with dramatic white trim. A flat matte finish, on the other hand, tends to work well for larger, unbroken surface areas.

Many homeowners are interested in painting their homes darker but unsure which trim or accents will work best with their home. These are a few tips for designing your siding and trim:

●        Remember that warm undertones in your main siding color should be paired with warm trim, while cool undertones should be paired with cool trim hues.

●        Contrasting lighter trim looks incredible with dark siding.

●        Copper and wood accents also look stunning against dark paint.

●        Cedar shake or board and batten accents look exceptional in black or slate hues.

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