End of the Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips

End of the Summer Roofing Maintenance Tips

Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s crucial you inspect your roof for any damage. Doing this will be critical to preparing your roof for fall and winter.

While you can check out your roof yourself, having a roofing professional do this will not only be thorough but lead to expert maintenance tips that will help sustain the structural integrity of your home.

In this post, the roofing experts at Powers Premier Contracting will take you through some end-of-summer roofing maintenance tips. Let’s dive in!

Clear the Gutters

Heavy summer rainfalls and windy rains could cause your gutters to leak or get blocked with leaves from nearby trees. This leads to what roofing experts call gutter clogging. Gutter clogging is a situation whereby your gutter gets blocked due to debris from some trees and other elements.

In order to avoid structural damage from clogged gutters, it’s ideal you clean your gutters at the end of summer. However, you can also do this twice a year.

Another reason to look at your gutters at the end of summer is that it will allow you to check the brackets, bolts, and seams. If you have experts do this for you, they may help you install leaf guards on your gutter and tighten every loose end.

Trim Nearby Trees

Sometimes, during the summer, we witness the effect of trees on our house and how fast they can grow due to the abundance of rain. But, you must be sure that these nearby trees are not too close to your home. Therefore, you should trim the tree branches that have the potential to grow towards your home.

Trimming your trees can reduce branches overhanging on your roof and walls. Plus, allowing tree branches to hang on your roof for a long time might puncture your shingles and leave some holes through which water can penetrate your home.

Moss Removal

Heavy rains in the summer can lead to moss growth around your roof. Moss growth is often caused by moisture that is trapped in your shingles. Over time, moss penetrates your roof underlayment and causes damage to your roof.

Hence, your roof replacement pro must take time to check if moss is growing on your roof, as having it removed on time is the best way to prevent possible damage.

Roof Algae Treatment

There is no denying that roof algae blossoms during humid seasons. However, permanent roof damage may be imminent if it’s allowed to take over your roof.

If you suspect the presence of algae on your roof, get an expert to check it out for expert advice and thorough removal.

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