ENERGY STAR Eligibility and your home

ENERGY STAR Eligibility and your home

Now that winter is here in the Twin Cities metro region, you may already be feeling the heat in more ways than one when it comes to your monthly energy costs. If you’re spending more than you should be on your monthly energy bills, our home exterior contractors at Powers Premier Contracting are here to help. One way homeowners are saving on their energy costs through the Department of Energy ENERGY STAR program, which incentivizes energy-efficient home features.

To help you become familiar with the ENERGY STAR program, we’ve put together this helpful post that breaks down the program and its recommendations. Give us a call to learn more about how Powers Premier can help you with ENERGY STAR savings today.


The ENERGY STAR program is a government program that’s meant to help homeowners and business owners make informed decisions on energy usage. The program is a joint venture of the U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protective Agency (EPA).

The aim of this program is ultimately to reduce energy use and its impact on climate change and air quality. Since the 1990s, the ENERGY STAR program has helped business owners and families to save more than 4 trillion kilowatt-hours of energy. It has also helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3.5 billion metric tons, an amount greater than the emissions of more than 750 million vehicles. ENERGY STAR has also helped Americans to save $35 billion in energy spending.

How Does ENERGY STAR Work?

The great thing about ENERGY STAR recommendations is that in addition to energy cost savings, ENERGY STAR can help to make homes more comfortable as well. The EPA has an independent certification program to identify products that earn the ENERGY STAR rating. Since the 1990s, more than 6 billion ENERGY STAR products have been purchased by American consumers. A home exterior contractor that’s familiar with ENERGY STAR can help you assess your home’s energy usage and make customized recommendations for energy savings.

Check out these ENERGY STAR fast facts:

●        ENERGY STAR homes are 10 percent or more efficient than non-certified homes

●        2 million American homes are ENERGY STAR certified

●        More than 870,000 homes have been retrofitted


Since 2005, the U.S. government has offered energy tax credits to encourage homeowners to purchase ENERGY STAR certified products. Unlike tax deductions, these credits reduce your taxes dollar for dollar, saving you significantly on your tax liability. The cap on tax credits varies depending on the product your exterior contractors are installing.

ENERGY STAR tax credits are available for the following:

●        Metal and Asphalt Residential Roofing: The residential roofing tax credit covers ENERGY STAR rated roofs including metal roofs and CertainTeed asphalt roofs with cooling granules or coatings designed to reduce heat gain. These products can lower the temperature of your roof’s surface by as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

This dramatically decreases heat transfer and energy usage, adding up to a more comfortable home and financial savings over time. The ENERGY STAR tax credit covers up to ten percent of the cost not including installation.

●        Windows and Doors: Replacement doors and windows can add to your home’s energy savings while making your home more comfortable at the same time. In order to qualify, you do not need to replace every window in your home. In addition, new window installation also qualifies if the product is ENERGY STAR certified. This tax credit covers up to ten percent of the overall cost and does not include installation expenses.

●        Insulation: One of the most effective and efficient home improvements you can invest in is energy-efficient insulation. The goal is to reduce air leaks by creating an airtight seal around your home. Bulk insulation products including spray foam insulation and traditional insulation typically qualify for this tax credit.

Benefits of ENERGY STAR in Your Home

According to the EPA, homeowners can save around 15 percent on their annual heating and cooling costs by making ENERGY STAR renovations. The most important investments include upgrading attic insulation, crawl space floor insulation, and rim joist insulation to improve the home’s R-value. The R-value is a measure of heat transfer between the home’s exterior and interior.

The EPA’s energy science contractors estimate that a knowledgeable home insulation contractor can achieve a 25 percent reduction in air infiltration by sealing leaks throughout a home. Up here in the Twin Cities region, we see some of the most significant savings in the country, owing in part to our cold climate, local construction, and the type of energy we use.

If you’re thinking of evaluating your home’s energy performance but you’re concerned about budgeting for your home improvements, we can help you make a long-term energy plan. The beauty of ENERGY STAR products is that in addition to energy savings, you’ll also see an increased ROI when it’s time to sell your home.

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Your home is your most important investment. By making ENERGY STAR investments today, you’re investing not only in your home but in the future of our planet. If you’re ready to take advantage of ENERGY STAR savings, call to connect with our exterior remodeling contractors at 612-710-7283 or contact us online for a free estimate. There’s never been a better time to save on your energy bills!