Exterior Paint Colors to Love in 2023

Exterior Paint Colors to Love in 2023

Another new year and a new time for resolutions. Now is a great time to take on some home improvement projects you may have been putting off. Furthermore, homeowners are starting to think about updates and renovations. If you’re looking for a way to add to your home’s curb appeal and value, a paint project is a beautiful way to transform your home exterior. 

If you’re interested in painting your home in a modern design, it’s helpful to look at home design blogs and magazines for inspiration. In this post from our exterior painting pros at Powers Premier in Minnetonka, Minnesota, we’ll discuss some of the most popular exterior paint colors projected for 2023. 

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Exterior Painting Ideas to Love

Your home could need a paint update if it's been overdue. Home exterior design trends can change even if your paint is in reasonably good condition. Paint and design industry experts work on upcoming trends every fall and release their projected designs in December and January. This year, rich and warm earth tones dominate the color spectrum.

To assemble your exterior color palette, choose selections that match or complement your home’s brick, stone, or roofing materials. Choose a trim color contrasting with the primary siding color to add interest and dimension.

Here are five house painting trends for 2023!

1. Dark Olive Greens

Several earthy greens made this year’s list again, as it did in 2022. A rich, dark earthy tone can be used for many architectural styles, including farmhouse, modern, Tudor, rustic, and Craftsman. 

Dark olive greens can also supply a beautiful contrast to a brighter trim.

2. Bronze

Bronze shades have retained their popularity for the last couple of years. This dark, rich, earthy, greige is versatile and the perfect color for any siding or can provide that ideal pop accent for doors, windows, and door frames. 

Bronze paint offers a trending appeal that will make your home stand out.

3. Grays

Shades of gray are limitless, over-the-top, adaptable, and can complement or contrast virtually any color on the spectrum. Choose from lighter tones, mid-tone, greiges, or darker grays. Gray shades can be warm or cool, and warmer grays are becoming increasingly popular. 

Some trending paint colors include medium to darker shades, while the darkest gray shades look striking against wood elements and pop as a secondary color.

4. Off-Whites

Again, warmer shades of white complete an earthy yet modern update. Shades with cooler undertones work well with contemporary homes or as an excellent accent color, as off-white pairs nicely with other colors and shades.

5. Near Blacks

Like a definite pop? Opt for a rich, bold shade that is almost a true black but is still light enough to let some cool blue undertones shine. Use it as a side color to contrast a shade of off-white. 

These darker shades strike against wood elements and pop as a secondary color. 

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