How Summer Affects Your Commercial Roofing

How Summer Affects Your Commercial Roofing

Summer is a beautiful time of the year when many people want to cool off. However, if you own a commercial building, your summer holiday could turn sour if you ignore your roof throughout the hottest months.

Yes, you may have attended to your roof during the winter by conducting a commercial roof inspection, but that may not be enough to protect your commercial roof in the summer. In other words, if you invited a roofing contractor for your winter inspection, what guarantee do you have that the roof inspection would last you the whole of summer?

Having witnessed how summer affects commercial roofs in Minnesota over the years, the roof installation experts at Powers Premier Contracting discuss what you should know below!

Summer Humidity

As long as your commercial roof is exposed to the sun, you can’t possibly run away from summer humidity. As a result, your commercial roof can easily be affected by moisture.

Summer humidity happens when condensation and moisture settle on your roof shingle after prolonged exposure to heat. This process could result in water leaks and allow mold to grow on your commercial roof.

Wear and Tear

Of course, your commercial roof can develop wear and tear due to long exposure to high temperatures during the summer. The higher the temperature, the more your tilts and expands. This process reduces your commercial roof’s integrity and leads to cracks.

Thermal Shock

During the summer, your roof will reach disturbing high temperatures during the day, but will swiftly drop off after the sun sets. One of the most significant ways summer impacts your roof is by causing your roofing system to expand and compress due to this intermittent change in temperature.

Constant temperature changes can induce stress in the roofing material and result in thermal shock. This can compromise the structural integrity of your roof and cause the shingles to age prematurely.

Protecting Your Roof From Summer Heat

Now that we’ve discussed how summer affects your commercial roofing, let’s take a look at how to reduce the impact of the summer heat on your commercial roof.

1. Apply Reflective Coatings on the Roof.

Reflective coatings will help reflect the UV rays from the sun, thereby reducing the damaging effect your commercial roof suffers from the summer sun. If you’re in the Minnetonka area of MN, you can invite our roof repair experts for this service

2. Improve Ventilation

Installing enough ventilation systems helps to keep the high summer temperature at bay. With enough vents, there will be enough air in circulation to reduce the effect of the heat on your roofing system.

3. Plant Trees Nearby

Planting trees at a reasonable distance from where you have a commercial structure is another way to reduce the summer heat’s impact on your commercial roof.

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