How to Increase Your Curb Appeal

How to Increase Your Curb Appeal

When you live in a home, it can be hard to view it objectively. But if you’re planning to sell your home anytime in the future, taking a step back and addressing its curb appeal is one of the most important things you can do.

At Powers Premier Contracting in Minnetonka, we work with homeowners and construction contractors to create next-level curb appeal throughout Minnesota. Follow this helpful guide to transform your home’s curb appeal and maximize your ROI.

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Getting Started

Start by taking stock of your home’s current condition as objectively as possible. Decide on your goals. Are you hoping to make a dramatic transformation, or are you simply trying to make enough money on your sale?

Take a look at the big-ticket items first and determine how much you’re willing to invest. Two of the most significant exterior features in terms of cost and visual impact are a home’s roof and siding. They’re also two of the first things potential buyers consider when they’re looking at a home.

Once you’ve determined how much you’re willing to invest, take a step-by-step walk-through to evaluate the condition of your home’s exterior and interior features.

Use this checklist and take notes to present to your exterior remodeling contractor.

Comprehensive Checklist for Your Home Remodeling

Here are parts of your home that you can focus on when trying to increase your curb appeal.

1. Roof

Even from afar, your roof is conspicuous enough for anyone looking at your structure. So if you are planning to boost your home’s curb appeal, your roof should be one of your focus points.

The best way to get started with a roof remodeling aimed at upgrading your home’s curb appeal is to schedule a professional roof inspection to evaluate the condition of your roof.

A professional roof repair contractor will check for any evidence of sagging, warping, missing shingles, bubbles, gaps, or damaged flashing. If your roof is in poor condition or older than a decade, consider investing in roof replacement.

2. Gutters

Your roof gutter is another area that must not be abandoned if you intend to increase your curb appeal. Gutters that do not make proper way for water to flow away from your roof will continue to cause some serious damage to your home. Some of the water damage caused by your gutter can be on the exterior, causing stains to your walls and damaging your paint.

So, clean your gutter system thoroughly to remove all debris and check for possible signs of damage. Look for gutter clogs, damaged seams, and animal nests that could lead to roof damage and ice dams. Consider investing in seamless gutters and gutter covers.

3. Siding

Clean your siding thoroughly using a power washer or garden hose, and evaluate the condition of your siding for signs of damage, peeling paint, and gaps. Touch up any minor paint problems that could be more visible in full sunlight.

If your siding is faded or needs an update, an investment in exterior painting services may be just what you need to update your home and bring potential buyers to the table. If your house has poor energy performance, consider investing in a more efficient siding replacement option.

4. Windows

Conduct a DIY window inspection. Walk around your home and examine the walls around each of your windows. Do you see any signs of moisture underneath or around your interior window frames? This could indicate a problem with the window’s seal.

Next, clean your windows thoroughly and examine the glass for cracks and damage around the seals. Additionally, look for signs of condensation between the panes. Consider investing in more efficient windows if your windows are more than a decade old.

5. Trim and Accents

If your home needs a visual update but your paint is in good shape or you’ve had a recent siding replacement, investing in trim and accents can go a long way. Paint your entry door a bold color that stands out and welcomes potential buyers, or invest in a more secure, efficient replacement door.

Additionally, you can also update your trim with a contrasting hue. Invest in new black window frames for a dramatic touch that frames your windows against a light siding color. Conversely, white-framed windows look spectacular against a dark primary siding color.

Finally, add an accent color that pops for small trim details like railings and shutters. An exterior painting contractor can help you decide on a palette that reflects the architectural style of your home and neighborhood.

6. Entry Door

You shouldn’t ignore your home’s main entrance if you want to improve your curb appeal. Imagine visiting a home where the main entrance door is dirty and rusty. It automatically degrades the home no matter the level of interior finishing in the home.

Thus, your home’s front door is one of its most noticeable features, and replacing your door can completely transform the look of your home. A new front door is more than just a new color. It also comes with customized hardware and security features that stand out to potential buyers.

7. Front Porch Details

Once you’ve updated your front door, make a big splash with front door accessories. Add new address numbers to give your home a little character and replace your front porch lighting with a modern, updated look. Add charming seating and door-flanking plants that invite guests to sit down and make themselves at home.

Remember to keep your space visually minimal and uncluttered when deciding on decor.

8. Maintain Your Lawn

Lawn care is a vital aspect of preserving curb appeal. Mow the grass, rake the leaves, and pull weeds on a regular basis to keep your lawn in good shape. To avoid brown blotches, keep it well-watered. Lawn maintenance will not become a major undertaking if you keep up with it.

Do you live in a dry climate where grass takes a long time to grow? Consider shrub beds or artificial turf as a lawn option to boost your home’s curb appeal.

9. Electrical Fixtures Should be Hidden

Some homeowners leave their electric features untidy and naked. This is not a good way to enhance your curb appeal. An electrical box in the front yard can be quite noticeable and may have a different color from your home.

Fortunately, a fast coat of paint may disguise the fixture and make it blend in rather than stand out. Choose a color that complements your home’s siding to maintain uniformity.

10. Make the Most of Your Outdoor Furniture

Too much outdoor furniture can clog up the appearance of your home, while too little can make it appear scanty. Try to strike a decent balance by making sure that all of your outdoor furniture is clean and in good condition.

For compact yards, consider installing simple ceramic chairs for seating and a small table with a lovely planter on top to provide some more elegance.

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