Three Reasons to Invest in a Professional Exterior Painting Service

Three Reasons to Invest in a Professional Exterior Painting Service

If you’re like us, you love a good home remodeling show. From Property Brothers to This Old House, there’s nothing quite like the magic of seeing a home completely transformed in the span of a single episode. And these days, you can learn to do just about anything yourself on the web. But if cake fails have taught us anything, it’s that just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean it’s the best idea.


In this post from Powers Premier Contracting, we’re breaking down the top reasons to invest in a professional exterior painting service for your Twin Cities area home. To get a quote on your exterior paint project, give us a call today.

Time for New Paint

When homeowners are getting ready to list a home, new paint is a great way to put a fresh face on that home’s curb appeal and stand out in the housing market. But what if you’re still living in your home? A new coat of paint can be a beautiful way to update your living space and make it feel like you’ve got new digs.


If your home has any of these issues, it’s probably time for a new exterior paint job:

  • Damaged Paint

If your paint is bubbled, warped, cracked, or chipped, it’s only going to get worse. Damaged paint is unsightly, but it can also leave your siding vulnerable to damage. A layer of paint helps to protect the siding underneath and keep moisture out. Once it seeps into your home, this moisture can warp the siding, cause rotting and structural damage, or even lead to harmful mold growth.

  • Faded Siding

Time takes its toll on all things, and this is especially true when those things are constantly exposed to the elements and solar radiation. Over time, your paint can lose its vivid color and begin to look dated. While the faded look makes a great camera filter, your home deserves to keep its true paint color.

  • Dated Color

Tastes change over time, and what once was hot and new can end up feeling dated as the years pass. When it comes to home improvements, even the most timeless neutral styles can feel a bit lackluster after styles and tastes change. While it may be worthwhile to completely transform your color, some homeowners prefer to apply a fresh coat of the same hue and update the trim and fascia for a more modern palette.


Your Home is an Investment

For most homeowners, their property is one of the biggest investments they’ll ever make. That’s why it’s important to care for that investment accordingly. Some of the biggest home improvement mistakes are made trying to save a few bucks, but they can end up costing you in the long run.


There are two main ways homeowners try to cut corners without hiring a professional painting service, either taking on the project themselves or they’ll turn to an amateur “handyman.” But when it comes to home exterior painting, here are a few reasons it’s worth the difference to hire a professional contractor:

  1. It’s faster.

It goes without saying that painting your own home requires a significant time investment. Even with a handful of helpers and working full-time on the project, painting an average-sized house can take a homeowner a couple of weeks. An experienced painting company can get the job done much faster than an amateur could.


And the best part? You won’t be stuck having to clean up the mess once you’re done. Instead, all you have to do is kick back and enjoy your beautiful new home exterior.

  1. It’s going to look perfect.

No matter how good your intentions are when you start the home painting process, the results are just going to be better with a professional painter. Expect an experienced painting company to have all of the best equipment and materials ready to go in their arsenal.


They’ll also be experienced with which paints are the best quality and which ones to avoid. Finally, a professional paint contractor will bring an extra level of attention to detail that’s hard for inexperienced painters to replicate. Forget about missing spots, rough edges, or awkward brush strokes. The finished product will exude a level of quality and excellence you can’t get on your own.

  1. It’s stress-free.

Anyone who has ever gotten in over their head on a home project knows how valuable a stress-free service can be. When you hire a professional exterior painting service, you don’t have to worry about going out to purchase all of the materials or do any of the prep work. The hardest part is picking a palette. And for most homeowners, that’s also the most fun part of repainting their homes.

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