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Enhance the aesthetic appeal to your home and increase its market value with the installation of a new gutter system! At Powers Premier Contracting, we know what it takes to install a reliable, functioning gutter system capable of protecting your home or building. Our team of professional gutter and downspout contractors can spot any areas of damage and repair or replace your system.

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Gutters protect your home from water damage by channeling water away from the foundation. A reliable gutter system can protect your home from rotting and eroding. If your current gutter system is clogged or broken, your home may be at risk of further damage, including ice dam formation.

If you think your home can benefit from the gutter repair and installation services, give us a call at 701-388-4159. We’ll start the process with a professional inspection so you can feel confident about the required repairs.

Gutter Service & Gutter Maintenance

It can be easy to overlook your gutter system if it’s functioning as it’s meant to. However, your gutters and downspouts play a key role in protecting the siding, roof, and foundation of your home.

These are some of the most common gutter problems:

  • Gutter Clogs
    When your gutters are located near trees, they can become clogged with leaves and small branches during the autumn and winter months. This can cause water to back up onto the roof and damage the shingles.
  • Animal Nests
    The comfort of a leaf-filled gutter can seem like a welcoming home for small animals to nest in. This can create a significant blockage and lead to additional damage to your gutter canals.
  • Broken Seams
    Your gutter’s seams are its most vulnerable points. Keeping your gutters free of debris is an important step to preventing problems with the seams. However, weakness can add up over time, creating vulnerabilities in the gutter canal system.
  • Incorrect Slope
    An incorrect pitch or slope can interfere with a gutter’s drainage function. An experienced gutter repair team can assess the condition of your roof and correctly install your existing gutter or recommend a replacement system.

Why Gutter Maintenance Is Important

Damaged or inadequately functioning gutters can allow moisture infiltration throughout your home. That’s why it’s important to repair your gutters as soon as possible. A professional gutter installation contractor can help assess the condition of your gutter system and determine if your gutters need to be replaced or simply repaired.

Replacing your gutters can help prevent the following types of damage:

Basement Flooding

When your gutters are functioning properly, they direct water away from your home into your yard. However, heavy, ongoing rain that isn’t directed away from your home can cause water to pool near your home. This creates water pressure that pushes water into your basement through cracks in the walls or floor. Improperly sealed windows are another source of basement flooding when your gutters are not functioning as they are intended.

Foundation Damage

The same water that leaks into your basement can create extensive foundation damage to your home. As rainwater from your roof collects near your home, the soil can expand, causing any minor foundation cracks to expand and worsen significantly. Foundation damage is also one of the most expensive home repairs you may encounter as a homeowner.

Roof Damage

Clogged and damaged gutters cause water to rush back up onto your roof, creating ice dams in the winter and moisture infiltration problems. This water can leak into your home, damaging the ceiling, discoloring the walls, and causing the wood structures of your home to rot. A rain gutter contractor can help you determine which gutter system is the best for protecting the style and slope of your roof.

Siding Damage

One of the most common types of siding damage is fascia board deterioration. The water overflowing from your gutters can cause the fascia boards to become damaged and rot. This also creates openings for animals and pests to get inside your attic. Additionally, water damage from poorly performing gutters can cause the exterior siding walls of your home to become discolored or warped depending on their material.

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