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Whatever your roofing needs may be, from repairing hail damage to complete roof replacement, our skilled team is fully prepared to handle every aspect! Based in Minnetonka, Powers Premier Contracting is dedicated to delivering prompt and reliable roofing services for Eden Prairie homes and commercial buildings.

5-Star Roofing for EP Homes & Buildings

Since 2017, our family owned, in-house team has earned a reputation as a trusted local roofing company in the Twin Cities area. We prioritize transparent communication, efficiency, timely project completion, and customer satisfaction.

Our comprehensive range of services extends beyond just roofing. We offer meticulous inspections and solutions for all your exteriors, including windows, siding, gutters, and exterior painting. Check out our work here!

Our commitment is to go above and beyond, whether it involves restoring your home after storm damage or renovating your commercial property. We’re proud to serve homeowners and business owners throughout Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, and other communities in the seven-county metro area. To get started, call us at 612-710-7283 or request an inspection.

Looking for a reputable roofing company that’s hiring near Eden Prairie? Please see our Careers page!

Eden Prairie Roof Repair

Prevent water damage by fixing leaks promptly! Our roof repair services prioritize your best interests and offer insurance assistance when needed.

Roof Repair Info

Eden Prairie Roof Replacement

Our team installs asphalt shingles, metal roofing, cedar shake, and flat roofing materials like TPO, BUR, and EPDM. Our experience means quality results!

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Eden Prairie Shingle Roofing

Repairing your shingle roof at the first sign of damage is important. If you notice a missing shingle or a hail storm came through, schedule an inspection!

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Eden Prairie Metal Roofing

Twin Cities homes and commercial buildings look and perform great with low-maintenance metal roofing. PPC is your local metal roofing company!

Metal Roofing Info

Eden Prairie Commercial Roofing

Partner with a commercial roofing company guided by the core values of honesty, commitment, responsibility, respect, excellence, and family.

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Eden Prairie Ice Dam Removal

When water gets trapped on your roof and freezes, it forms an ice dam. Get professional removal services to protect your home or building from water damage!

Ice Dam Removal Info

Current Roofing News & Trends

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Discover the critical role of proper ventilation in roof installation, emphasizing its importance for energy efficiency, preventing moisture-related damage, and ensuring the longevity of your roofing system. Learn how Powers Premier Contracting delivers expert solutions tailored to Minnesota's climate, enhancing your home's comfort and value.


Understanding the Roof Installation Process: A Homeowner's Guide

Check out the essential aspects of roof installation, offering insights on identifying repair needs, selecting the right contractor, and understanding the impact of weather on project timelines. With Powers Premier Contracting's expertise, homeowners are guided through each step, ensuring a smooth and informed roofing project from start to finish.


Is It a Good Idea to Put Roof Coatings On Shingles?

Learn the intricacies of applying roof coatings to shingles, emphasizing asphalt shingles. We cover the types, benefits, compatibility issues, cost-effectiveness, and potential drawbacks of roof coatings. Powers Premier Contracting emerges as the expert choice for assessing and implementing roofing solutions that amplify durability and efficiency.