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Ice dams can be a major headache for Minnesota homeowners and commercial properties, causing leaks and damage to roofs. That's why it's important to hire experts like Powers Premier Contracting for safe and efficient ice dam removal. We don’t use chemicals or aggressive removal methods!

Powers Premier Contracting: Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam removal is often necessary to protect your Twin Cities home or building from water damage. If you don’t remove the dam(s), water cannot drain off your roof and gutters properly, which can lead to all sorts of expensive issues.

Powers Premier Contracting offers an innovative approach that ensures a hassle-free removal process, regardless of the size of the ice dam, with no need for hammers or tools that could harm your roof. Trust our professionals in Minnetonka to provide fast, friendly, and safe ice dam removal services anywhere in the metro area.

With the most advanced equipment, our technicians use high-temperature water combined with low pressure and steam to quickly cut through solid ice without damaging the roofing materials. Check out our reviews and get started with an inspection!

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How to Fix an Ice Dam

Wintertime in Minnesota can transform the world into something out of a fairytale. Of course, it also comes with plenty of hazards for your health and home. While those icicles hanging from your eaves might look lovely, they could actually be a sign that you’re on the road to a spring roof leak. That’s because icicles usually accompany ice dams, which can be incredibly damaging to your roof and shorten its lifespan.

Everything Minnesotans Should Know About Ice Dams This Winter

Whether you are a Minnesota native or you recently moved to the Midwest, where average snowfalls are higher, you’ll need to learn about these annoyances and how to tackle them head on. Read all about ice dams in this quick blog, then contact Powers Premier for a roof inspection – a sure preventive measure!