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Whether from gusting winds, hail destruction, or aging, a damaged roof can lead to invasive water damage, higher utility bills caused by lower energy efficiency, and other issues that put your Twin Cities home or business at risk. Let our professional team assist you with maintaining a secure and dependable roof, whether it’s asphalt shingles, metal, flat roofing, or another material – we repair all types of roofs!

Powers Premier Contracting: Roof Repair

Based in Minnetonka, Powers Premier Contracting provides roof repair services for residential and commercial buildings in the nearby greater metro area. If your roof requires repair, contact your local experts for help!

Our team of qualified contractors has the skills, training, and experience to repair any type of roofing damage, from wind and hail destruction caused by severe storms to simple wear and tear. We’ll offer a thorough inspection with a complete report and always be honest about whether your roof damage can be repaired vs. automatically recommending roof replacement. We’re happy to help you weigh ALL of your options!

We’d be honored to start a relationship with you and your roof that keeps your property protected and energy efficient. Read our reviews to see how we demonstrate our core values and commitment to customer satisfaction!

Commercial Roof Repair

You have plenty of responsibilities already as a business owner. Let our team ensure your commercial roofing is secure and reliable! If you own a commercial building in Minnesota, your property needs routine maintenance to withstand extreme weather conditions like blistering heat, heavy snow, and freezing temperatures. And you need a company you can trust to respond to roofing emergencies like storm damage and sudden leaks.

Our roofing services for commercial buildings are comprehensive and include preventive maintenance to protect your business from potential damage caused by a faulty roof, like ice dams or missing shingles that can quickly lead to costly water damage. Our exterior services also include windows, siding, gutters, and painting! Whatever you need, we have solutions.

Start by conducting a thorough inspection of your roof to locate and repair all damaged areas.

Residential Roof Repair

Twin Cities homeowners have no shortage of roofing materials available for DIY and countless roofing companies ready for hire in the area. That’s why we commit ourselves to providing premier services. At the end of the day, we know we can always stand by our work!

Our roof repair services at PPC are straightforward and solution-focused. PPC strives to help you make the best decision for your home, budget, preferences, and lifestyle. We want you to feel confident in the security and reliability of your home’s roof and taken care of by our team.

When there’s a roofing concern, PPC conducts thorough inspections to determine the exact areas of damage and the necessary repairs required. Our roofing experts can also assist you with any insurance questions you have so you can feel fully prepared going into the service. Request your quote today!

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