Roof Repair and Maintenance


Emergency Roof Repair

Whether your roof has suffered recent unexpected catastrophic damage or whether it is in need of some TLC, we are here by to provide you with the needed repairs. With our skills and background, you can count on us to have the job done right.


Routine Maintenance and Minor Repairs

Even small leaks or damages in your roof can lead to expensive consequences. That’s why it’s important to have a roofer you can trust who you can call for an honest professional opinion and who can be there to put your mind at ease and put the roof in tip top shape.


Snow removal from roofs

We are able to remove snow and ice from roofs during those cold and snowy winter Minnesota months, which make cause problems due to heavy loads on the roof or the formation of ice dams, which can create water leakage. Clearing away this snow and ice can help maintain and extend the life of one of your house’s most important assets as well as what’s inside.

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