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Storm Damage Repair Minnetonka Storm Damage Repair Services

After a severe storm, you need a contractor you can trust. Powers Premier Contracting specializes in roofing, windows, gutter, and siding services. We understand the ways a severe storm can impact a home or building, and our storm repair contractors arrive at every project prepared to restore the damage left behind.

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Between hail storms, severe thunderstorms, and high winds, your home may endure a variety of storm damage. At Powers Premier Contracting, we provide prompt and efficient storm restoration services. Our team offers assistance with insurance navigation and transparent communication to ensure you feel confident through every step of the process. Fill out this form now for a free quote!

Roofing Storm Damage Repair

Storms can happen at any time of year. Winter storms bring ice, sleet, and snow, and strong weather any time of year can carry high winds, heavy rain, and hail. But for a roof that needs maintenance, even moderate rain can lead to disaster.

Even if your roof appears to be undamaged, a professional roof inspector can help to identify hidden damage to your shingles and the underlying structure. These are some of the most common types of roof damage we identify:

Hail Damage

Hail can range in size from small to golf-ball-sized or larger. It is one of the most serious threats to your roof’s structural integrity. After a hail storm, you may immediately identify broken, missing, or pitted shingles. But not all hail damage is immediately visible, which is why it’s important to have a professional inspection as soon as possible if you suspect hail damage.

Rain Damage

One of your roof’s primary purposes is to prevent water infiltration due to rain, snow, and condensation from getting into your home and damaging its interior structure. When your shingles and roof structure are damaged, rain can leak into your home.

Moisture inside your home can also lead to mold proliferation, causing health risks and structural deterioration. Some of the more common signs of rain damage include water stains on the ceiling and walls, attic rafter warping, and air quality problems within your home. We can help identify rain damage early to prevent moisture infiltration and water damage inside your home.

Wind Damage

High winds associated with a strong storm can be just as damaging as any tornado, pulling shingles up and damaging flashing and seals on your roof. This can create vulnerabilities in your roof, exposing the structures underneath.

High winds can also cause limbs and debris to puncture or damage your roof and shingles. It’s important to have your roof thoroughly inspected if you suspect high winds may have damaged your roof.

Snow and Ice Damage

Heavy snow on your roof can lead to a host of problems for your roof. The weight of heavy snow is a risk in and of itself, causing compression damage to your roof.

Ice dams and icicles can also form when snow on your roof melts and refreezes with the heat from your home. Our professional roof inspectors can assess the condition of your roof for damage due to snow and ice dams and help make recommendations to prevent future problems.

Window Storm Repair Contractors

Strong winds and hail can crack or shatter a window, but not all window storm damage is as obvious. Damage around the frame or seal of a window can allow moisture to leak into your home, creating a health risk and causing additional damage to your paint, walls, and floors. Our Minnetonka-based storm repair contractors can help you assess the extent of the damage and help determine if your windows should be repaired or replaced entirely.

Gutter Restoration Contractors

Rain gutters play a key role in diverting water away from a home, protecting the siding, interior, roof, and foundation. When your gutters are damaged from high winds, hail, or ice, your home is vulnerable to damage. Replacing your damaged gutters with a high-performance gutter system after storm damage occurs can go a long way in protecting your home in the future.

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If your home has recently experienced damage from a severe storm, give our storm restoration contractors a call. We can help you pick up the pieces and bring your property back to life. To schedule one of our storm damage restoration services, contact Powers Premier Contracting today at 612-710-7283.